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To equip a kitchen well and to help produce high quality meals it is important to start with the knives.

When using a trademark WMF knife you can be sure you are holding a technically perfect, top class product. First class WMF kitchen knives are objects of highly developed technology and have been through about 40 different production processes. Due to the high quality forged blade steel used by WMF, all kitchen knives maintain their sharpness and are extremely durable and flexible. They also have a long-life cutting edge and are corrosion resistant. It is primarily the high quality forged blade steel used that strongly influences these functions.

A well-made kitchen knife can be identified by four important characteristics each of which contribute to the final weight, balance and usability of the knife.
  • The Blade
Forged, hardened and carefully manufactured out of special blade steel. Hand sharpening and laser testing of each single blade guarantees special sharpness and a wear resistant cutting edge along the whole length.
  • The Steel
The formula of the high grade alloy is engraved on each WMF knife. Below the article number you can see the following details.
1.4116 = material number
x = high grade steel alloy
45 = 0.45% carbon (gives information about the hardness of the steel)
Cr = chromium content (important for corrosion resistance)
Mo = molybdenum content
(important for corrosion and wear resistance of cutting edge)
V = vanadium content (gives a firmer structure to the steel)
15 = chromium content in percentage
  • The Bolster
Forged knives are clearly recognisable where the metal is thicker and more solid between the blade and the handle – this is called the bolster. There is no joint in the transition between the forged blade and the handle. The blade and handle are made from a single piece of steel. The bolster gives the right balance to the knife and the robust construction.
  • The Handle
Ergonomically formed with protection for the fingers. Shaped handles, made of hard synthetic material, or stainless steel for safe cutting and a secure hold. The handle is connected to the blade without a join and is thus hygienic. The knives are of course also dishwasher safe.
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