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A pan is not just a pan.......

The choice in pans is enormous and one frying pan is not the same as the next. It is recommended that you should have at least two frying pans as part of your basic kitchen equipment. Ideally, one should be made from Cromargan or another suitable material that can cope with very hot temperatures and the other should be non-stick, for anything that needs to be fried delicately at low temperatures. It is important to bear in mind that pans are under a lot of stress, they must be able to tolerate extreme heat or put up with the temperature shock of adding a cold fluid. Furthermore the surface has to withstand the use of pan turners or sharp-edged objects. All our pans fulfill these demands on quality, but because demands and eating habits are different, we do stock a range which meets all expectations. We are also proud to say that an outstanding feature of all our pans is the use of the best materials and excellent processing. Furthermore, the non-stick coating of the pans has utterly no harmful effects on your health.
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