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Quality cookware ensures cooking is enjoyable

Innovative ideas, consistent development of new products and continuous quality control have made WMF one of the leading manufacturers of cookware in the world. The comprehensive product line meets even the highest demands of professional chefs, as quality, functionality and design are just right.

WMF offers appropriate cookware ranges for a variety of different demands and needs. The individual ranges differ in terms of design, equipment and scope of offered accessories. What they have in common is proven WMF quality.

Cromargan® is the registered trademark of WMF for stainless steel 18/10. That is the steel has been alloyed with 18% chrome, making the steel rust proof, and 10% nickel making the material acid resistant and glossy also. The advent of Cromargan® by WMF in 1927 has meant the end to twisted bases, bent pots and rusty material.

The most important quality feature of cookware is the base. Stainless steel, although extremely durable, does not transmit heat particularly well and it is for this reason that all Cromargan® stainless steel cookware incorporates a high quality WMF TransTherm® universal base. This TransTherm® base consists of a strong aluminium core, which is ideal for absorbing heat quickly, distributing it evenly and retaining it for a long period of time. This aluminium core is then fully encapsulated in a chrome steel capsule which protects the aluminium from aggressive washing up liquid and allows for easy cleaning. The TransTherm® universal base is suitable for all types of cooktop surfaces, including induction, because the chrome steel used for the capsule is magnetic.

The thickness of a pot base determines how much heat can be absorbed and stored, the base however should not be too thick resulting in cookware being out of proportion and unstable. The TransTherm® universal base from WMF stores enough heat so as to allow you to turn the heat down early, resulting in an energy-saving cooking process. The residual heat stored by the base keeps the contents warm for a long period of time after the cooking process.

As all substances expand when heated, and as pots and pans are heated from the bottom, it is their bases which expand most during cooking and frying etc. It is for this reason that all WMF cookware also has a slightly cambered or concave base. This ensures that whenever the cookware is heated the base will expand and rest completely flush on the cooktop surface, ensuring stability and optimal heat transmission. This is particularly important on electric cookers or ceramic hobs where the hotplate/cooking area is completely flat. If you are using a pot or pan with a bent base touching only on a few points, most of the heat will be lost, this is not only a waste of energy but also time. Because of WMF’s thick concave base, cookware will always sit flat and in complete contact with the heat source.

WMF Cromargan® cookware also features a good pouring rim. The convex rim allows accurate and measurable pouring without any spillage.

It is also important to note that the metal handles of WMF Cromargan® cookware do not get excessively hot, this is because they do not fully touch the body of the cookware. They are spot welded to the cookware which prevents the heat being transmitted quickly to the handles.

Lids are another important aspect to consider, a good lid must seal the pot all around so that no steam or energy can be lost. All WMF lids ensure this and there are lids available in many different designs either non-insertable or insertable.
  • All WMF Cromargan® cookware is completely ovenproof.
  • All WMF Cromargan® cookware is dishwasher safe.
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