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Innovation and tradition form a unique breeding ground from which Rosenthal has developed. It is now one of the leading international suppliers of contemporary table and living culture. Over decades, Rosenthal has always remained alive and fascinating, united and motivated by the desire to create the best in design in every era - "what is original in our time".

The brand name Rosenthal today stands for international lifestyle and the brands are as follows; Rosenthal Classic, Rosenthal Studio Line, Rosenthal Versace, Rosenthal Home Designs, DiVino, Thomas and Hutschenreuther.

Rosenthal has been an extraordinary faceted company now over 125 years. With its fascinating brands it is seen as one of the world's leading producers of up-to-date, innovative design for the well-laid table, for furniture and for giftware available in 97 countries around the globe. Beauty and perfection of the highest standards, Rosenthal signifies nothing more and nothing less. The name itself epitomizes contemporary design and art in both porcelain and glass, and more. Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle and a special aestehetic feeling - for products without which sophisticated tabletop culture and contemporary interiors would not be the same.

A sense of tradition coupled with the avantgarde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading company. Experience gathered over 125 years of company history, the will to innovate and the strong cooperations with the best international designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and celebrities guarantee the success of this exclusive company philiosophy.

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