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WMF - Innovative, International and Customer Orientated......

WMF is a leading international supplier of top quality, functional and innovative products for the kitchen and table and has been manufacturing in Germany for over 150 years. Internationally it is said to be one of the best-known German brands. WMF aims at setting standards, it is a brand proud of its tradition and is well recognised in the marketplace for its professional quality and continuous performance improvement.

Products from WMF make cooking, dining and drinking a real experience in millions of households all over the world - and has been doing so since 1853! WMF operates state-of-the-art manufacturing plants for cutlery, cookware, tableware, cutting tools and coffee machines. Cromargan is the registered trademark of WMF for stainless steel 18/10, it was registered as a trademark in 1927 and is used by WMF for manufacturing cutlery, cookware and many other tableware products.

WMF is a market leader in cutlery and offers a wide range of cutlery models to suit every taste from the traditional to more modern and the simple to the more ornate, matt or polished. WMF cutlery stands out for its high grade materials, its first class workmanship and its well engineered product development. It is also recognised as being trend setting in terms of design through the strong relationships WMF has with internationally recognised designers.

WMF also offers a wide range of top quality cookware ranges which suit every demand. The individual ranges differ in terms of design, equipment and scope of offered accessoriess but what they have in common is the proven WMF quality.

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