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Silit - pure cooking enjoyment.....

Quality, Function, Innovation - Made In Germany

For decades Silit has stood for top-of-the-line products which are recognised for their excellent quality, optimal functionality and sophisticated design. Silit has lead the way in trail blazing innovations such as the Sicomatic® Pressure Cooker and the nickel free, anti-bacterial high tech cookware materials Silargan and e30 which has revolutionized the world of wellness cuisine. Thanks to modern technologies, ongoing cutting-edge product development and consistently high "Made in Germany" quality, Silit has become an Internationally market-leading manufacturer of products for the modern kitchen.

Silit is continually trying to make cooking and preparing food easier, more appealing and healthier all the time. Design, in collaboration with Internationally renowned designers, is also an integral component of Silit's entrepreneurial philosophy and numerous awards have confirmed the exceptional aesthetics and design of Silit products. Everyday products with that special touch - this is what Silit products are all about. With Silit products, cooking and preparing foods means more adventure, more quality of life, more wellness and more dining pleasure.
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