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IVV - Our breath fills the glass with sweet melody.....

IVV, Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, was founded in 1952 by a group of master glassmakers in San Giovanni Valdarno, the very heart of Tuscany. Over the years, IVV grew to become one of Europe’s main producers of blown glass and handmade glass by bringing together research on materials, design, traditional artisanal techniques and process controls to create objects that constantly change and renovate rooms and the dinner table. The story of IVV is of work, of invention, of initiative and of consistency. From its very beginning, IVV has always been deeply committed to social and ethical responsibilities by protecting the environment and providing safe working conditions. The future of IVV flows from the breath of the master craftsman, their age old knowledge born from a lifetime of experience. In the harmonious breath from which they model the glass, in the essential elements used for production, in the capacity to harness the energy within, in the endless, passionate desire to continue.
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