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Grosche - To be a source of joy in the world......

Grosche is a family owned and operated Canadian business based in Ontario, Canada. They design all water, tea, and coffee related products with an eye to style and function. They specialize in French Presses, Tea Infusers, Tea sets, Water Infusers and double-walled glasses. They have designed the world’s most eco friendly French Press Coffee makers, that not only give you amazing tasting coffee, but also help our the planet at the same time. Grosche defines itself as a “Social Enterprise”- which essentially means a business that has an embedded mission to benefit society. It works on reducing its footprint as a business, as well as making a significant effort towards having a positive contribution to local and global human quality of life challenges. The Grosche Safe Water project is a prime example of this, by virtue of which the company actually funds the creation of at least 5 days of safe water for someone in need for every Grosche branded item sold anywhere in the world. This is not a short-term marketing promotion, but an embedded permanent initiative which is at the heart of our mission – “To be a Source of Joy in the World”. As a company they have made a promise that guides them to have a net positive impact on our world by the work that they do, and not leave a footprint for future generations to deal with.
What you buy makes a difference, when you buy Grosche products you are #HELPBRINGCHANGE
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